The London Book Fair: The Writers' Summit  

8th June 9.30am

Hosting the Your Book: Your Choice Panel

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I love author events especially in schools! Over the last few years I have participated in a number of primary and secondary schools—assembly and classrooms, as well as Avon residential and the Stoke Newington Literary Festival where I spoke to 100 children. Luckily I have great noise management!  I also have years of experience working with learners of all ages. 

Currently I am only offering virtual, online events through Skype or Zoom. My sessions are best for KS2/KS3  (ages 9-14). Events can be for any group size from a small class to a large assembly.

Speaking events including a Q&A up to 1 hour: £150

60 min Presentation and workshop: £200

Includes a reading, Q&A, superhero battle, exploring special powers, what inspired the Emily Knight series and the importance of diversity in books.