How does it feel to be different and misunderstood? And who cares? Emily Knight is young and famous, self-aware and intelligent. But what if the one thing that makes Emily different also makes her a target for evil? 

Can she defend herself...and everything she loves?

A. Bello breaks boundaries with this gritty and gripping fantasy novel.








'A book that will keep teens and pre-teens happily turning the pages' - Madhouse Family Reviews

‘If you like Harry Potter and The Hunger Games then you will love this! A must read! - Stressed Rach Reviews

'...gritty, interesting and exciting'- Literally PR

'This book for me created an excitement I can only remember JK Rowling doing' - Amazon review


'well written...engaging...I always wanted to read more... A. Bello is a great author' - Sarah Smiles












The first edition front cover illustration, by Giles Greenfield (who also illustrated JK Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire book cover design), has attracted a lot of praise for standing out in a market dominated by ‘mainstream’ images aimed at a teenage audience. 



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